Motherboard is…

Educational Resource

An educational resource for birthing families about the different options and procedures available to them during their births (before, during, and after their baby is born).

Graphical Motherboard

Parents will be able to create a beautiful, graphics-based download of their birth preferences called a “Motherboard.” Easy to read and succinct, we aim to be the missing link between parents who want to communicate their wishes and busy providers who want to give good care.

Business Tools

We will provide powerful and practical business tools to educators (doulas and instructors) to help them organize their business and find like-minded clients.

You may have heard of a “birth plan,” but creating your Motherboard is so much more than that. The beauty of building a Motherboard is:
More than a “Birth Plan"

Emphasis on education, knowledge is power! Our information is not black and white. Medical procedures are not good or bad, they are tools. There are appropriate and inappropriate ways to use them. You can never “plan” a birth. Unexpected things happen all the time. Motherboards are a list of your preferences, which is why we don’t call them “birth plans.”

A Motherboard is not a laundry list of your likes and dislikes for your birth. Many birth plans are way too long! As you build your Motherboard you must trim your wish list to your most important requests.

Your Motherboard reclaims what birth plans were always meant to be: a communication tool between you and your birth team.

We make provider’s lives easier! Traditional birth plans have gotten a bad reputation for being too long, confusing, and demanding. Motherboards are concise and always one page.


We are excited to announce that Motherboard Birth, is getting closer to launch! Not only will you be able to customize your very own Motherboard (graphics-based birth preferences), but educate yourself about what those options even mean. Best yet, creating your Motherboard will always be 100% FREE. To tide you over before the site goes live, we are offering a free sample Motherboard to anyone who signs up for our email list.